Witchy Woman - Coming to Life

I know I have been excited about a lot lately, probably because I have been in such a funk all summer long and Fall is my favorite time of year. For some reason, I am getting excited about Halloween this year. I don't know why, typically it is not a big deal in our household. My children are 8 and 9 this year, and they are excited too of course. I have several ideas up my sleeve in this regard. This is probably my most elaborate design ever and it has been a WHOLE lot of fun:

 From tracing, to cutting to fabric selection, everything about this has been enjoyable.

I felt like a kid with a blank sheet of paper and a brand new box of crayons.

 I am going to add a walking stick, but I am too tired tonight......
 See that little spot at the top of her bangs, just under her hat? I guess my pieces slipped when I was tacking her down. I didn't notice it until after I took the photos. I am going to add a little more brown to fix it.
 Then I have to do the stitching and embellishing.
It seems as though she is literally walking off the fabric! I can definitely understand why applique is so addicting to so many people!

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Michele Hester
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  1. What about Good Witch Griselda. Great job by the way!

    cackle cackle

  2. What a neat witch! Doesn't she need a broom? Maybe a broom instead of a walking stick?

  3. Wow!! She is fantastic! The fabric is a perfect selection as well.. I love her :)

  4. She is delightful! love the cat on her hat! How about "Wytches Waltz" she seems to be floating on air! lovely!

  5. Your witch is soooo neat! Can't wait to see more.
    Quilting by the River


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