Monday, September 19, 2011

Living vicariously

I took my daughter to the doctor this morning for immunizationsand that took almost three hours counting picking up and returning to scholl grabbed lunnch and now i am waiting at the doctor office for myself  then i get to go to the depatment of revenue to straighten out a little tax matter.  i wonder if i could squeeze in a mammogram this afternoon too!   LOL

so needless to say i am livving my quilting life vicariously by catching up on blog reading!  what are your favorite blogs? what do you look for in a blog? what motivates you to come back to a  particular blog?

i like blogs where the writers actually do stuff and arent just posting photos/posts of others works  i am amazed at how many bloggers simply post photo albums copied from flickr or pinterest.

i would love to hear your input.



  1. I'm a very slow quilter because I quilt by hand, so I don't post too often on my blog. I love to read things on others blogs that teach me how to be a better quilter. I love giveaways of course!! Who doesn't. I love to see pictures of what people are creating because fabric inspiration is what it is all about. Patterns to share are awesome. Gosh, I guess anything that can help me to quilt is the answer.


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