Monday, September 5, 2011

Hairy Florabunda - and it's not the cat's fault.........

I worked this weekend on doing the stitching around the first Florabunda block. It looks like it needs a good shave LOL.

I used my machines blanket stich around all of the applique edges. I do very little by hand, as I don't have the patience, or experience. However, after doing this block and seeing the amount of time it took, I am not sure an experienced hand applique-r couldn't beat me in a race!
I used mono-filament thread in the bobbin and embroidery thread in the top....I know, it isn't cotton and the quilt police will probably shoot me....but I am learning techniques right now and this is what I have on hand. Besides, I think it looks pretty!

I am VERY pleased with how the mono-filament turned out in the bobbin. It wasn't easy to wind it on the bobbin, but I think it was worth it. I used Superior Threads MonoPoly.
 The stems are done using a bias bar and with straight stitching down both sides.

All the "hairy" threads on top are where I pulled my threads to the top to keep them from nesting on the bottom of the block. At first I was pulling the bobbin thread up, but then I figured out that duh, it is clear mono-filament and won't show through, so I left it at the back. I am sure I will learn another lesson the hard way of why I still should have pulled those threads up - I will let you know when that happens.

At any rate, now that I have all these threads to pull to the back and tie off, I have some "hand work" to do during my Wednesday bee days - my guild will be so proud of me.  ;-)



  1. Michele you did a fabulous job on the applique. I myself steer away from machine cause of lack of experience you did wonderful!

  2. You have done so much work. It really is good at any stage.

  3. I'm learning machine applique. I used it on my Santa blocks in June. I have a locking stitch on my machine, so, I used it instead of tying the threads off. I hope it will work, it looks nice. I've learned not to worry about the quilt police. They are too limited and have no imagination. Poor things. I think embroidery thread on machine applique is lovely. Your block is great.

  4. I've done lots of machine applique--even taught classes on how to do it. Your stitching looks great to me. And it does take a lot of time and some cunning to actually manipulate the stitches so that they look as good as you got them to look. You would pass my class with flying colors! Nice work.


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