Monday, September 5, 2011

Hairy Florabunda - and it's not the cat's fault.........

I worked this weekend on doing the stitching around the first Florabunda block. It looks like it needs a good shave LOL.

I used my machines blanket stich around all of the applique edges. I do very little by hand, as I don't have the patience, or experience. However, after doing this block and seeing the amount of time it took, I am not sure an experienced hand applique-r couldn't beat me in a race!
I used mono-filament thread in the bobbin and embroidery thread in the top....I know, it isn't cotton and the quilt police will probably shoot me....but I am learning techniques right now and this is what I have on hand. Besides, I think it looks pretty!

I am VERY pleased with how the mono-filament turned out in the bobbin. It wasn't easy to wind it on the bobbin, but I think it was worth it. I used Superior Threads MonoPoly.
 The stems are done using a bias bar and with straight stitching down both sides.

All the "hairy" threads on top are where I pulled my threads to the top to keep them from nesting on the bottom of the block. At first I was pulling the bobbin thread up, but then I figured out that duh, it is clear mono-filament and won't show through, so I left it at the back. I am sure I will learn another lesson the hard way of why I still should have pulled those threads up - I will let you know when that happens.

At any rate, now that I have all these threads to pull to the back and tie off, I have some "hand work" to do during my Wednesday bee days - my guild will be so proud of me.  ;-)


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