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Quilt Top & Backing Preparation
  • Batting and Backing must be at a minimum 8″ wider and 8″ longer than quilt top.
    • (Example: top measures 50” x 50”, the batting and backing must measure 58” x 58”).The extra allows the required amount needed to attach the quilt to the frame and sew the edge without stretching the quilt.
  • It is up to you whether you pre-wash your quilting fabrics and backing....there is a long-standing debate over the pros and cons of pre-washing....you can find more information than you ever cared to see on the internet. We are not responsible for shrinkage and it's effects on the quilting, should that occur. I personnally do not pre-wash, but that is a decision you have to make for yourself. The backing does need to be pressed though.
  • Do Not Baste Top, Batting and Backing together. This includes NO SPRAY BASTING.
  • Remove animal hair and foul odors (i.e. cigarette, cigar, animal, perfume) - we reserve the right to return quilt tops at the owner's expense, should odors be a problem.
  • Backing must be 100% cotton. Bedding Sheets are not acceptable – no exceptions.
  • Backing needs to be squared.
  • See pricing sheet for charges incurred if you quilt is not properly prepared for long arm quilting.
  • If you are using backing fabric that must be pieced, please follow these instructions:
    • When planning how big to cut your backing, remember the size of the back must be at least 4-6" wider on each side than your quilt top. that means add a total of 8-12" to each of your quilt top's width and height.
    • On the edge of the backing fabric that is going to sewn into the seam, cut off the selvage edges of the backing fabric. 
    • Using at least a 1/2" seam allowance, stich the selvage-trimmed backing pieces togther. Leave the selvage edges on outside edges of the quilt backing.
    • Trim the top and bottom edges of your backing so they are straight and square. This ensures the quilt loads onto the machine straight; this is important for keeping the design square on your top. (Imagine loading a piece of paper into a printer - if it goes in crooked, it comes out a mess. Same concept with how straight the edge of your quilt back loads onto the quilting frame)
    • Press your backing - pressing the seam to one side - do not press the seam open.
    • Mark the top edge of your quilt back with a safety pin in the center.

    Quilt Top
    • All seams must be secured  – not coming un-sewn (optional service at additional charge)
    • Quilt top should be Squared, (optional service at additional charge)
    • Threads must be trimmed from back (optional service at additional charge)
    • Seams must be well pressed and flattened (optional service at additional charge)

    To ensure the Best Quilting Quality
    • Customer provided batting - Only Quilter’s Dream, Hobbs (blends, cotton or wool) or Warm and White/Natural/Black batting are accepted(remember to add 8″ to length and wide).
    • I do offer Quilter’s Dream, Hobbs (blends, cotton or wool) or  Warm and White batting at reasonable prices.
    • Customer provided batting such as (Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo) are not accepted – no exceptions.

    To ensure the Best Quilting Quality – I offer a wide variety of threads in countless colors from Glide, Superior, and many other types of threads specially designed to work with my equipment. 
    • The same color thread is always used on needle and bobbin; no exceptions.
    • To ensure the best quilting quality customer provided threads are not acceptable – no exceptions.
    • Additional cost will apply when more thread 1 thread or any specialty thread types are desired. Final quote will be issued at Free Consultation.

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