Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jingle BOM - 1st block is out

click here to go to the pattern

The first block in this 2013 Free Quilt block of the Month is out and ready for you to stitch! Thank you Erin for this beautiful BOM!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free eBook from Fons and Porter

Click on the photo to get the free eBook

The folks at Fons and Porter were kind and sent me a copy of an e-book that you too can get for free! If free isn't a good enough reason for you to go and get it, here are 7 reasons that might entice you to do so:

  1. Historical perspective: One of the reasons I LOVE quilting is because behind every quilt is a story. I love to hear the history of the designs that still influence quilting today. To me history is an extremely important part of the tradition of quilting.
  2. Eye Candy! – photos of antique quilts. Nuff said. 
  3. It’s practical: Charts to choose and make your own size of each type of log cabin block. I tend to use patterns as a guidebook for making my own quilts, rather than absolute legal requirement of my quilt. I really like a good chart that allows me to customize it to my liking!
  4. It’s educational: the log cabin block deconstructed – did you know there are three basic log cabin blocks? You probably did, but I didn’t. Somehow I missed that day in quilting class! There is the Chevron, the Courthouse Step and the Traditional Log Cabin. Each of the three blocks are covered. 
  5. Packed into the 24 pages of this e-book are patterns for new quilts as well as photos of antique quilts.
  6. But that’s not all (do I sound like the dead oxy-clean guy or what – not disrespect intended): it’s NOT JUST ABOUT LOG CABINS!!! There are added tutorials on “Bobbin Work with Trapunto” and “Binding with Piping” 
  7. Lastly, did I mention it was free!?! Click on the following link to download your very own Build Your Best Log Cabin eBook from Fons and Porter. Well, you do have to give them you e-mail address, but chances are they have it already right? ;-)

To get you copy click on the following link:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Free Quilt BOM - I Love Sewing 1st block

The first block  of the Sulky "I love to sew" quilt block of the month has been released:

To ge the instructions, just click on the photo above. I think this quilt is so fun - I would really enjoy seeing photos of your finished progress - please share a link with us in the comments.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Gold Quilter Awards

You can begin making nominations for the 2013 Golden Quilter Awards. Categories inlcude:

  1. Best Quilt Designer
  2. Best Fabric Designer
  3. Best Quilt Book Author
  4. Best Teacher/Instructor
  5. Best Quilt Store (physical)
  6. Best Quilt Store (online)
  7. Most Innovative Product (physical)
  8. Most Innovative Product (software)
  9. Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (physical)
  10. Best New Product Introduced in 2012 (software)
  11. Best Quilt Book Published in 2012
  12. Lifetime Achievement Award
Golden Quilter Awards 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Jingle Block of the Month - Free BOM for 2013

You may have seen my Florabunda blocks in progress, which was from a previous free block of the month quilt pattern by Erin Russek. She has announced a new (mostly free) one called Jingle.

click the image to go to Erin's blog announcement and get the preliminary instructions

She is selling the center medallion block, but the rest will be freebies. The quilt is going to be a combination of pieced and applique. I will post reminders here on my blog, so you don't miss any of the won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Critters everywhere!

So here is some of what I have been busy with since November........

First came baby goats - hubby is in red, milking momma goat:

Snow wants to know why someone else is taking her next meal!

Strike a pose! - Baby goats are the most fun!

And then 2 weeks later came the puupies!!!! 10 border are a couple of shots:

Hiding under the four-wheeler...

Apparently I stood still just a little too long - they fell asleep on my feet!

I believe 2013 is going to be a great year!

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