Monday, January 31, 2011

A death in the family today.........

Anyone from the Atlanta area knows what a H.E.R.O. (Highway Emergency Response Operator) is....they began in Atlanta in the mid 90s as a force of civil servants to help with the traffic problems in Atlanta. Their primary job is to keep major interstates free of congestion. Often this means sitting in the middle of the interstate to redirect traffic around road hazards/accidents as they are quickly cleared. At other times this job entails the simple act of changing a tire, giving gasoline or jumping off a dead car. The simple act of jumping off a battery ended in the death of a H.E.R.O. today. This is the first death ever in the history of the organization. This is the death of a family member, because my husband manages the H.E.R.O. units in Atlanta. He has been doing this job for many years now and considers everyone of the H.E.R.O operators to be family. At 11:45 this morning my husband called me to share the worst news in the history of his career, a fellow H.E.R.O. had been killed in the line of duty.

Please pray for the family of Spencer Pass. He was a Christian and is in Heaven today, but his family is left behind to grieve his loss. He had a wife and 4 children. One of his sons (age 19) is set to deploy with the U.S. Army in December. Pray for his fellow H.E.R.O. workers as they are suffering the loss of a "family" member as well.

Michele Hester

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