Saturday, January 29, 2011

But I NEEDED white fabric...........

Hubby went with me to the fabric store today, on our way for a hot date.....I needed to get some white fabric to use on a new quilt that I just designed and wanted to start on tomorrow - more on that to come. So anyway, here is what I got:

Two Greens

Two Oranges

Two Yellows

One Pink

Two Blacks

One White

Hmmmm.........only one white and one pink, won't they be lonely? Maybe I should go back and get them some friends!

Back to the reason I was getting the white fabric - I have designed a new quilt that I will be starting hopefully tomorrow. I have failed miserably so far, in fulfilling the namesake of this blog, so I am going to make this my first official tutorial. I will be writing a tutorial and sharing the pattern for this quilt as I go. It is a traditionally pieced quilt, that will be fairly simple. I have already laid out the quilting motifs for it as well (which I will share too!)  Please join me and please let your friends know about it.

See you soon!
Michele Hester

P.S. A little birdie told me that there would be a great giveaway when we reach 50 followers on this blog, so spread the word.  ;-)

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  1. Gosh they look so out of place.. all alone there.. LOL


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