My newest project and a Free Bethlehem Star Quilt Pattern

So I am off with my bestest quilting buddies (some of them anyway - where are you?!) to a quilting retreat. Four whole days of laughter and quilting and eating (of course.) Since all of my unfinished quillty projects are at the quilting phase, I need to start something new. Machine quilting while laughing and carrying on is not a good idea. ;-) Soooo, for my newest project, I decided to make this Bethlehem Star.

My mom has been begging for a quilt to hang in her living room, so this one will probably be her Christmas present. (For once, I hope she isn't reading this!) Would you like a link to this free quilt pattern? Click on my free patterns page at the top of this page to get it. Now I am off to decide on my colors and pack my bags!
If this is your first time visiting my little home here in blogland, be sure to take a look at my free patterns page, by clicking on the free patterns tab at the top of this page.

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