Sunday, November 20, 2011

2012 - Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I am excited to be joining SewCalGal's free motion quilting challenge in 2012.

SewCalGal will post more insights in December about this challenge and what you can do to get ready.  Preparation will be pretty simple, where you can make some sample quilt sandwiches (~18-24"x18-24"), as well as an optional sample quilt sandwich, and maybe pick up a few supplies.  Throughout this challenge you can always find the most current summary of information on the page for this event labeled "Free Motion Quilt Challenge".  Thus, you may want to check this page periodically.

Every month, starting January lst, a new FMQ tutorial & challenge will be posted by one of our 12 FMQ experts.  You can complete these exercises anytime, but if you complete them in the respective month you can gener to win that months giveaways.  If you complete all 12 months of tutorial exercises, anytime in 2012, you can enter to win one of the grand prizes.

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  1. So glad your blogged about the FMQ challenge, Michele! It is just the nudge I need!


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