Blogger's Quilt Festival Post - Rodeo Stars

It's Blogger's Quilt Festival time! While many quilter's are caught up in the frenzy of the Houston quilt market, some of us are content(?) to be at home blogging. I must admit that I am rather ambivalent about whether or not I would like to be in Houston for the International Quilt Market. While I would enjoy it for a short while, I think the massive crowds and OVERWHELMING amount of visual and tactile stimulation would get to me. I digress, on to my quilt!

This quilt is for my 7 year old son who loves everything cowboy. We go to rodeos as often as we can, and he stays as close to the fence as allowed, the entire length of the rodeo. After making a quilt for my 8 year old daughter, it was my son's turn for a new quilt. I asked him what kind of quilt he wanted, knowing it would be either cowboy or firetruck related, and he chose cowboys.

I finished this quilt at 1:30a.m. Christmas Day last year - just in time for Santa to get it under the tree!. It's now that I'm a procrastinator (okay maybe a little LOT) I just sometimes have trouble estimating how much time something is going to take. ;-) You don't have that problem do you?

I designed this quilt using EQ7. It was the first quilt that I designed start to finish and completed using EQ7. I even included the embroidery images on my EQ7 design. After designing the quilt, I used paper piecing to make my diamonds.

The machine embroidery is done on some denim that I had lying around that needed to be used. I was a little concerned about using the heavier weight of the denim with the light weight of the cotton fabrics, but once it was quilted, there are no worries.

My son has proudly displayed this quilt in his room. He was also proud when it won a first place ribbon at our county fair. He of course, felt like the ribbon belonged to him, since it was his quilt - never mind who made it! LOL.

Blogger's Quilt Festival
Thank you Amy for coordinating the Blogger's quilt festival! It is a great opportunity to get to know other quilters and to get inspired for Christmas!
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  1. What a beautiful quilt Michele. Lovely design. Perfect quilt for little cowboy in your family too. Love your story!

    BTW, I too have problems estimating how long it will take me to finish something.

    Sure enjoyed your story.


  2. I love your quilt!


  3. oh wow!!! I LOVE THAT QUILT!! You did a great job!!! I am speechless! I must be a cowgirl at heart...cause this is just AWESOME!!!!

  4. I like it a lot. Your little cowboy is a lucky buckaroo!

  5. Excellent color choices! Great quilt. :)


  6. one great boy quilt! love the stars and the fabrics. really nice. thanks for sharing and have a great day

  7. I love this quilt! Do you have a pattern for it or a tutorial? I know you designed it on EQ7 but I would love to do something similar and don't have that program. Thanks for sharing!


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