Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Summer Dreamin' - Quilt top completed

I have never been very good at keeping surprises for very long, so I couldn't hold this in any longer. I planned to wait until it was all quilted and I had the tutorial ready to go, but oh well....I have completed that quilt top that I have been promising. I am calling it "Summer Dreamin'." It's no secret that most of us (in the U.S.) have been enduring a harsher than usual winter like this:

Harsh winters mean being confined in close quarters with other people besides myself, my cats and my sewing machine! For my personal sanity, during the exorbitant number of days when the kids were home from school, I needed to think about summertime and hope and pray that we make it help me focus my thoughts, I designed and began a new quilt. With dreams of picnics and the Fourth of July, this is the quilt I designed in EQ7:

And here is the actual pieced top that I have just completed:

And a close-up:

My plans are for us to wrap up in this new quilt during the cold winter days and nights OR to lay on it and stare at the clouds at a picnic during warm summer days! Can you feel it?

As a side note, the design wall is wonky, not my quilt! For my previous review of this design wall, click here. As to the pattern and tutorial, stay tuned, because I will be providing the quilt pattern and instructions free for you to download....

Here's to some Summer Dreamin'!

Michele Hester

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