Love is in the Air - a new mug rug pattern for you

The first mug rug pattern seemed to be very well received, so I am posting another one for you. This time it is an applique pattern. The thing I really like about mug rugs is that they are a great opportunity to practice all kinds of techniques, without leaving a lot of UFOs lying around.  Since it is February, I decided to make this a Valentiney one.

Click here to download the pattern

After making the last mug rug, I decided that it was a little on the large side, so I cut this one down just a little. When I make this one, I will likely use the raw edge applique technique. I have included the templates with 1/4" seam allowances, but if you are going to do raw edge applique, cut these away. The finished size is going to be 10" wide and 6 1/2" tall. I will start with an 11" by 7" background fabric for my applique centered on the background. Trim your finished quilt sandwich down to 10" by 6 1/2" before binding.

I haven't heard about any problems with downloading the last mug rug, so I assume everything is working okay! Please send me a link to your photos when you do one - I love to see your work!

Michele Hester
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  1. Very attractive rug Michelle. It makes me want to get started on making my own ....soon I hope.

  2. I love mug rugs. They're such a great size (in between a coaster and placemat) and you can do so many cute designs with them. Your design is sweet and very sentimental--perfect for v-day.

  3. Love it, thank you Michele.


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