Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seeing Red - and loving it!

It is January in Northwest you know what this is?


No, you haven't just awakened from hibernation to discover it is June...... 

Yes, I had a fresh, juicy, firm, vine-ripened, mouth-watering tomato sandwich for lunch!

How is this possible? Did the grocery stores suddenly find something besides a ROMA tomato that tastes good and has that great vine-ripened texture in the winter? Did they finally find something besides cherry or grape tomatoes that burst with juice and flavor? NO - we are all still waiting for that miracle!

I got my 10 pound bag of tomatoes from an unconventional of our family favorite restaurants. When we had dinner there on Sunday, I couldn't help but notice how delicious their tomatoes were. So delicious, that I wanted to snitch them off the plates of unsuspecting diners around me and take them home - for a BLT!

Rather than risk being jailed over a slice of tomato (although it might have been worth it) I instead asked the manager if I could purchase some from him he said yes - at an incredible price I might add. I would have cost me more for sad, tasteless grainy tomatoes in the local grocery store.

So for today, I had a little bit of sunshine on a wet, grey day - a fresh tomato sandwich on soft bread, slathered with mayonaise!

How was your lunch?

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