Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project for The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Back in August, I did a little project for The Quilt Pattern Magazine. Of course, I couldn't share it with you until after it was published.........

This is "Fancy Fandango" - my test of a pattern by Jan Allston.

I was tickled pink to find the photo of my needle case on the cover!

As you can see, it is a needle case - I used fleece inside, instead of traditional felt. I have been using this needle case since I made it in August - it works quite well to hold needles.

Here you can see the outside of the folded out needle case.

It was a LOT of fun to make and actually went quite fast. There is not a lot of stitching, as the design is achieved by folding the fabric.

Visit The Quilt Pattern Magazine for the pattern and directions, which are in the December 2011 issure.


  1. I love Christmas skirt and I want pattern Christmas skirt! Is it too late?
    You have a nice blog! Congratulations!
    We follow the blog!
    (google translation)

  2. Cute! Cute! I couldn't find the pattern. Oh well. Searching sites isn't my strongest suit. Good job and congrats on getting it published.


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