Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain please! Or at least maybe a little cooler air.....

Isn't it funny how we all have trouble getting going sometimes? It is so hot right now that I don't even want to do anything in doors, much less think about going outside! Interestingly, I just read a fellow bloggers post about how she was having trouble getting starter because it is 4 degrees below zero at her home in Tasmania! Would someone please send me a ticket to in-between land!

Actually, truth be known, I am probably having trouble getting started because my triple irish chain project hit a glitch. For some stupid reason my squares aren't lining up as I am attempting to piece the blocks. I have measured them multiple times and they all appear to be the correct size, so why the heck are the rows still 1/2" off from one another!>!!@#!$#@@$#????

I have been avoiding my studio, because I know I will have to rip something apart before I start again. I hate unsewing! I know it isn't difficult, it is just so not right.

Enough whining for now. PLEASE comment and let me know what you are doing - I can at least live vicariously!



  1. Not doing too much and it is soooooo hot. Working on block 4 of Bunny Hills Snowbound from last year......grin.

  2. LOL! Well thankfully we got rain poor garden was fixing to draw up and wither away on me. I hope you get your 1/2" issue solved! I can be of absolutely no help cause I would surely scrap the project after about 3 seconds into anything irregular! If it makes you feel better i've got about 20 backpacks to monogram before school starts next week.
    Good luck :) and have a great week!

  3. I'm afraid I don't have a ticket on hand right now, but you are welcome to come visit anytime. We certainly are enjoying beautiful weather right now, up here in the Andes! (-:

  4. Chicagoland when from Third Driest To Second Wettest July In One Weekend. Water came in the basement window wells. It seems to be either feast or famine. I'd much rather 'middle of the road' weather all across the nation. Oh well.

  5. I am having a hard time also getting in my sewing room. It has to be the heat. I usually have a lot of Christmas stuff put together by now. I am really looking for inspiration!!!!!!!!
    My garden is looking awful. I am a southern girl but this weather is not easy to deal with.

  6. OH it's just been awful here in Mid-Oklahoma!! 104 deg seems to be the norm anymore!*&&^#^@ I literally HATE hot weather! Give me cold any day and I'm happy. I'm finding it hard to be creative too, and hate thinking of going out..Guess it will break someday, we can hope.. Hope your sewing mojo gets better too.


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