Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving Day is for the Birds!

Our chickens moved into their new home today....their old one was destroyed by the tornado and they have been in a temporary home since then.We only have four chickens right now, but this new house will hold 20, so we are going to get more soon.

I think they will be quite happy here, what do you think? My parents' dog Zipper is enjoying the new entertainment!

Take a look at these amazing flowers that a friend of mine grew in her yard:

She started these amazing Hollyhocks from seed - I thought they were Peonies they are so large!

I must say, I am a little jealous - we have just started reclaiming our yard after all of the tornado and wind damage. I was finally able to cut the grass this weekend, and I still had to work around tree stumps and holes from root balls. Continue to remember those who were hit much worse than we were, life is still very difficult for them and will be for quite some time.

Until tomorrow, Piece!
Michele Hester

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