Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me - a day late

I am even a day late on this one! LOLYes, I am a Flag Day baby. I was kinda sad yesterday, feeling sorry for myself for getting older....I know, I know, it is better than the alternative! I did get a spectacular birthday surprise - little ole me surpassed 25,000 hits yesterday!!! WooHoo! I remember not to long ago thinking this would be so fun and so nearly impossible. Thank you for visiting and sharing my blog with your friends. I enjoy sharing with you.

Lately, I have been in a creative black hole and unable to get myself started on anything. But at least yesterday I finally got myself out of my funk and started working on a new quilt!

One traditional quilt that I have always admired is the Irish Chain, so I decided that a scrappy Triple Irish Chain this would be easy enough to make with jelly roll strips. Here are some samples of where I am going:

I got these jelly rolls for $5.00 each on clearance and decided to do something with them.

Yesterday I sorted out my strips and started sewing them together. Here is my progress:

What are you working on today?

Michele Hester

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