Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Harsher Side of Spring

Remember the Spring photos of my dogwoods just a few days ago? Well, many of those trees are now on the ground. Our home and property were hit by a tornado last night. While we sustained significant property damage, all family and animals are unharmed. Here are some of the photos:




My son and daughter, along with Chelsea and her nine puppies – riding out the storm in the basement.






Skeet (who was outside during the worst part of it), wants to know if it is safe to come out of the bathtub yet.






Parts of our barn roof scattered over 25 acres.







There are four root systems above ground here – and that doesn’t count the hickory lying in the foreground.






These roots are from the above hickory tree. When I stand next to this root system, I cannot reach the top – they are at least 7 feet high.






This dog kennel tumbled about 100 feet.









The children’s play set (most of it anyway) was thrown about 100 feet.







What is left of our 18 by 48-foot pole barn lying on top of the other two dog kennels.






Another view of what is left of pole barn and another barn.






Small amount of noticeable roof damage on left front side.






Dad, hubby and son, standing under branches of one of the trees atop the barns.








A view from the backside of the barns.






A couple of perspective pictures. Compare to the size of the house which is 100 foot long.







Perspective – my mom standing to the right beside one of the fallen trees. Notice the van which is close to the top of the trees.





We are all safe, all 4 humans, 2 dogs, 9 puppies, 3 cats, 4 chickens and a partridge (no longer in a pear tree) …..everything damaged can be replaced and we have insurance. Even a fallen tree is a thing to enjoy!


Let the cleanup begin!

Michele Hester


  1. Praise the Lord that you all are okay!! So wonderful that a storm can come through - and damage so much, and instead of tearing at your soul, it leaves you humbled and thankful that everyone is OK!!
    BTW, your little white and tan dog looks like my Louie.bear. (a Piebald Dachshund)

  2. Oh my goodness, how frightful. I am glad everyone is safe. Looks like you have a lot of clean up, but at least everyone is safe. You all have a guardian angel looking out for you.

  3. I am so thankful you are all safe. I will be rejoicing with you. I am glad this mess didn't dampen your faith and spirits. I will keep your family in my prayers as clean up will be difficult.

  4. Oh Michele i am so sorry to read this but thank the Lord you are all ok.
    The weather this year has been horrible everywhere.

  5. So glad you are all safe and well. We had a tornado hit here 20 yrs. ago and had not our tree wind stand (300+yr. old maples) taken the brunt, nothing would be left. Clean up will be slow - keep the kids out of the trees as you don't know what is twisted with them or if they may turn and roll. Prayers to you and your family.

  6. Oh my............So glad to hear you are all at least safe.

  7. Oh Michele! Wow at the size of the tree roots! I am amazed and thrilled that you are all ok and you still have your home. Is there anything we can do for you or your family to make you more comfortable?
    So glad you are all OK! even the puppy in the bathtub...

  8. Oh Michele, I am so sorry. You really got hit hard. Those trees have deep roots so I'm also amazed how bad this tornado was. And I didn't even catch anything about it on the news. My heart & prayers goes out to you and your family as you go thru the cleanup process. I am happy you are all ok, but still sad that you have to go thru this. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Big, big hug to you!


  9. Praise God you are all safe. What a harrowing experience.

  10. So glad you reported that you and your animals are all safe and sound. What an ordeal. Your Mug Rug Mondays have brought sunshine into other's lives, so I'm sure we all hope your cleanup goes smoothly - keep safety in mind there, too. We'll keep you in our prayers.

  11. So sorry to hear about the damage, but so happy that everyone is safe and well. Hope the clean up is quick and relatively easy. Prayers are with you.

  12. The most important thing is that you and your family are o.k. They cannot be replaced!


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