Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blooming photos....

I am so happy that spring is here! A couple of days ago I walked around my yard and took some blooming photos for you. Enjoy!
This tulip has been surviving for years - but this is the first I have seen it bloom. The tomato cage is to protect it from dogs/children and husbands.

Some would consider these as weeds, but when the winter has been as harsh as this year - I welcome any flower!

I have hundreds of grape hyacinths growing all over my yard.

This is another one that I was told was a weed, but I like it!

Buttercups are another abundance in our yard, and they are a SURE sign of spring.

Soon it will be difficult to see much of our land, because the dogwoods are so thick and beautiful.

The Camellia bloomed late this year - I was worried they weren't going to grace us with their presence.

Red Buds - home of chiggers in the summer, but in the Spring they are a welcome sight.

For those of you still buried in snow, or coming into Fall, remember - Spring will come again.

Michele Hester

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