Friday, February 24, 2017

Look at what I got today!

I finished my final project in the Martha Pullen Licensing class yesterday. I used my BabyLock Ovation Serger and my BabyLock Destiny to complete this Madeira Window Pillow.

Both machines made this project a breeze - especially the ruffles!
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So today, I got my diploma! And I am excited to be a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher! I love sewing and I love quilting....and even more, I love sharing tips, tricks, techniques, and ideas with others. It is why I love the world of sewing and quilting so much - because sharing is at the core of this community.

While my Martha Pullen licensing is the newest addition, I have a few other tricks in my bag as well. I have created a new page listing my areas of knowledge. If you have a guild or a sewing store or even a group of friends who just want to get together and learn something new, please contact me. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and your group!

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