Thursday, February 16, 2012

To make you smile......

Because the kitchen remodel, I haven't gotten a lot of quilting done lately, so I wanted to share a couple of photos I took in the last month or so....I think they will make you smile.

I took this photo in the lobby of a hotel we recently checked into....what's wrong with this picture?

The funny thing about this one, is the story that goes with mother (age 65) and I were riding along and she excitedly read this sign to me - "Over 60? Singles Vacation Ahead!" - you tell me, was this wishful thinking or a case of bad eye sight? Incidentally, she is still married to my father.


  1. Too funny.....over 60. Love the parrot. He probably did his business right on that sign.

  2. Adore the parrot photo. We have a parrot named Jack. He is quite smart. Last night, my cell phone was ringing. My phone was in the living room, where Jack's cage is located. I happened to be in the laundry room and had just exited carrying a heaping pile of folded clothes. My husband loudly announced that my phone was ringing. I let him know that I was unable to rush in and answer it. As I neared the living room, I heard Jack saying, "Hello, hello. Hi, baby." After I set the clothes down, I picked up my phone from its usual resting spot near my chair to glance at the message indicating a missed call. Before I could speak, Jack announced, "It's Laura." Jack was right that it was my daughter, whom Jack adores. Of course, this same scenario has played out many times, so Jack easily guessed who'd called. So cute, though.

    Too funny about your mom and the sign.


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