Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sewing corner to corner NO MARKING

Whether you are joing pieces for binding, making half square triangles or snowball blocks, any time you need to sew corner to corner, this video has a fantastic tip. The video is filled with other great tips too, I just thought the last one was the best and will to be a huge time saver.


  1. that was great, i'm a new quilter and i'm always hungry for good advice! how do i figure how big to make the secondary pieces in relation to the big square?
    thanks, shoshana

  2. A good tutorial; however you might wAnt to suggest that for the first few you sew flip your top piece over to be sure you have covered the bottom before you cut. That will check the accuracy of your line & keep your unit true.

  3. Avery good tutorial; however, you might want to suggest that for the first few you flip the top piece over and be sure that it covered the bottom piece before you cut it off. This will check the accuracy of your seam and you will know your unit is true.


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