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I have been working on a little crochet project. It is called Sophie's Universe, which was a crochet-a-long that was finished quite some time ago, by those who actually did it as a crochet-a-long.

I don't like surprises, so I tend to wait until I can see the full product, before I start something.

I do the same thing with "mystery" quilts......collect the patterns, to make sure I like it.

I have to say this has been fun though, the many different stitches and varying colors make me want to skip a night or two of sleep, just to see what is coming next!

What about you - have you ever truly participated in a mystery - dove in, not knowing what it would become? Did you like the process?
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  1. I have to see the completed project before I start it. If they show the finished quilt, then I can join in.

  2. I have done one complete Quiltville mystery quilt along and really enjoyed the process. Right now, I am participating in From My Carolina Home blog by Carole doing A Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along. I was looking for a pattern with a lot of half square triangles and the first step was making 80 HST. I started a couple months late, so have had to work extra hard to get caught up and not peek ahead. I am totally loving each stitch, even my husband is anxious to see what it will look like completed and what everyone else will look like. I used to crochet, but Corporal Tunnel in my right wrist just made it to painful. I love the color choices and designs and hope that you continue to have a great time! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!


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