Jelly Roll Strip Starburst - free pattern

Click here to get the pattern.....

I cannot believe I have not seen this free quilt pattern before! It is called Jelly Roll Strip Starburst by Kimberly Einmo. I have a few jelly rolls sitting around, so I think I will try this one. Isn't it gorgeous?!

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  1. It is pretty, but a lot of bias and JRs are known to not be all cut equal or on straight of grain - starch like crazy!!

  2. That is gorgeous, thanks so much for the link to the pattern, I can't wait to make it.

  3. I met Kimberly at the Road to California Quilt Show, where she granted me access to pop into one of her classes, to be able to share insights on my blog. What a talented lady. I saw this quilt design displayed in the class (among others) and it was beautiful. Definitely inspired me to want to take classes with Kimberly. Currently signed up for all of her classes at Craftsy, but still want to take classs with her in person.


  4. Hi, I enjoyed this blog as your quilts are lovely and I would love to make some of them. However, I have been unable to access the link to the Bethlehem Star quilt.
    Is there a special way to do this?

    Thanks and keep going with this blog as I am enjoying it.


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