Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilted Bag Feet

A dear friend of mine, who is quite creative, recently came to quilt guild with a purse she made. I saw the bottom of it and HAD to take a photo to share with you! Anytime I make a fabric bag, one of my concerns is the protection of the bottom. Store made bags often have feet on them - and I am sure that you can purchase them, just like you can other purse hardware. BUT look at this clever idea my friend had:

It was a very cute bag, and I apologize for not getting more pictures, but I was so darned excited about the buttons, I spent too much talking about them and got distracted from getting the pictures. You can sew the buttons on by machine, if you do it before you construct the bag, but the cool thing is, you can add them at any time after creating the now!!! - do you have a defenseless quilted bag walking around without any feet?


  1. How cute. A good and easy way to do the feet.

  2. New Follower who came over from FaFF at Sew Many Ways.

  3. Thanks for sharing this idea. I love it!


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